Looking for an IT guy?

Let me help you on your digital adventure. I help companies with their IT related needs.



I help you make and build your own website. Tailored to your needs. I do the technical stuff. Let me help you telling your story. 


Digitize your bussiness with a webshop. Let automation work for you. Meanwhile you focus on your products. Start selling to the world!


Want to share your story with the world? Let us help you build an awesome blog! All the features you need to get started. Reach a global audience!


I am a cyber fanatic. Hacking, defending, .. I’ve had quite some experience on the wild web. Choose a partner that you can trust. 

All my clients can count on my 7+ years of experience in the field. 


Want to see if you are safe on the digital web?
Let us help you expose your weaknesses. Don’t give bad guys a chance!

Cloud (storage)

Want to start working in the cloud? No idea where to start? Let’s have a chat! Access your data from around the globe. Work smarter, leverage the cloud


Do you want a custom email? No problem! We offer web based solutions that are accessible all over the globe!


Need a custom application? Contact me and we’ll figure something out.

Projects I have done


Your idea?


Your idea?