HOW TO : Website !?

People ask me, how do I make a website? Well, I tell them, a website starts with an idea. You have a business, shop, product or a service  that you want to share with the world. 
You think that a website can help you get more visibility in the modern online world. 
You’re right! Now, how do you start?

I advise you to ask help from an expert. You can ask me ! 🙂 Let me do the technical stuff. Otherwise you lose time and money. Focus on you!
A website is not something that is built on a day. It is something that starts small. Slowly but surely it grows. More pages, content, and visitors, your site is getting mature. 
A website is something personal.
It is a digitial representation of you and your bussiness.
Let me show you how to take care of IT!

Let's have a call !

The first step in making a beautiful website is discussing your idea. We’ll have a chat where I will listen to who you are and what you exactly need. Having a website is more than just some pretty pictures. It tells the world who you are and what you want to do.

After this first call we draft a personalised battle plan that suits your needs. IT does not seem so daunting anymore! 

(P.S. Test if the name of your website is still available!)

Ready, set go!

In this fase we start building your website. We prepare the technical stage and you provide us with pictures, text and ideas! We think about colors and pictures. Let your imagination work!

Halfway there!

Your website is up and running! We have photo’s and text. Bells & whistels. You’ve gotten good reviews of your friends and customers. Congratz! You have a wonderfull website! But, is it done?

Is it really finished?


This question is a tad metaphorical. Work is never done ;).

You want fries with that?

A website is the basics. Just like a car you can take options.
Treat your website right!

Ask me about the options. I’ll advise on what you truly need.